The park is highlighted by a sculpture by Toronto artist Pierre Poussin titled Esprit, a work whose ethereal flow captures the sense of an accomplished runner’s movement and whose title speaks to the ethos of Decoteau’s military background.
— The Toronto Star
Cityplace boasts Pierre Poussin’s Mitosis Courtyard: two-dozen columns with circular patterns inspired by cell division. They come across as orderly, phosphorescent mushrooms that bring a sense of play and enjoyment to the Gardiner.
— The Toronto Star
Pierre Poussin; a biochemist turned designer, Poussin developed an unlikely bridge between the natural and man-made worlds [Mitosis] is a startling riff on the beauty of cell division.
— Toronto Life Magazine
Toronto’s Poussin first trained as a biochemist, and it shows. […] The result? An unlikely sense of play and enjoyment brought to the dark underbelly of the Gardiner. [...] it’s a great example of how art and design could grow good vibes for this overlooked zone in the future.
— The Toronto Star
Not only is our city changing dramatically but Poussin, whose work has grown from home use to public spaces, is also clearly on the move.
— Designlines
[The City of Ottawa] has tapped Toronto artist Pierre Poussin to create laser-cut aluminum sculptures outside Bayview Station...
— Ottawa Citizen
[Alex Decoteau] won countless races throughout Canada and was a Canadian Olympian, so [Poussin] wanted to honour his love of sport and community...
— Global News unusually beautiful space under the highway was created by artist Pierre Poussin for Panorama Tower...
— The Toronto Star
These works add to Concord Adex’s public art collection and showcase unique and inspiring work by acclaimed Canadian artists Pierre Poussin, Katharine Harvey and Adrian Göllner.
— Canadian Architect
Three of Toronto’s latest public art pieces by homegrown talent were unveiled. Variegation, the second piece at CityPlace by Canadian artist Pierre Poussin...
— MetroNews
The Mitosis Courtyard is one of Toronto’s favourite lighting installations and has demonstrated how Pierre can work in even the most challenging environments.
— Karen Mills, Public Art Management
Pierre is a very creative artist who can blend a disparate discipline like molecular biology into spectacular artwork.
— Gabriel Leung, Vice President of Development at Concord Adex Developments
This is the first building to use the space beneath the Gardiner as an urban room and features light installations by public artist Pierre Poussin. The design aims to incorporate the Gardiner as a fluid part of the city’s design for the future.
— World Architecture News
Pierre Poussin is one of Sheridan’s most notable alumni, renowned for his highly creative and unique designs that blend science and art. We are proud of his iconic ‘S’ sculpture that graces our campuses, illuminating our history as a creative institution.
— Dr. Jeff Zabudsky, President & CEO, Sheridan
The future collectible: Ontario designer Pierre Poussin’s laser-cut, powder-coated steel Mitosis furniture series. It’s manufactured for Nienkämper and populates the Princeton University library, among other places. “I think he’s the next Karim Rashid,” Velasevic (gallery owner) says.
— The National Post
Pierre has the ability to tackle a challenging situation in the most creative way, without compromising his integrity as an artist and designer. He is a joy to work with.
— Ben Mills, Public Art Management

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