My approach to art & design marries abstract concepts with practical functionality. I draw my inspiration from the natural world, communities and the ways in which people interact within their environments, while striving to create installations that reflect the site-specific make-up, highlighting its diversity and the way in which people live, work and play.

My expertise lies in reinterpreting scientific concepts that affect our everyday lives found in studies of biology, physics, and sociology and transforming them into engaging and palatable designs that encourage public discourse and universal enjoyment. In the past, I have successfully transformed austere urban lands into vibrant public environments and designed elegant and meaningful pieces that have not only enhanced their space, but have become a point of pride for its neighbourhood.

I specialize in developing modular, large-scale, user-friendly art pieces for municipal and corporate clients and urban developers. With a scientific background, my work has focused on nature, and artistic abstractions of macroscopic and microscopic perspective views of life, movement and development. My technical computer expertise and methodology combined with a high-level of creativity offers a unique approach and process to coupling art & design, all the while keeping in mind the delicate balance needed between materials, environment, fun and function.

Over the past few years, I have been involved with many large scale public art projects, with clients ranging from the City of Vancouver and the 2010 Winter Olympics and Paralympics Games, the Peace Bridge Authority of Fort Erie and Buffalo New York, Nienkämper Furniture, Sheridan College, Princeton University, McMaster University, Concord Adex Developments for Panorama, Quartz & Lumen Condominium Complexes, Pinnacle International Developments' Uptown Mississauga Complex, Diamante Development Corporation's Florian Tower, the Walt Disney Corporation, XM Radio for Toyota/Lexus Canada, GreyEagle Casino and Toronto’s Royal  Canadian Yacht Club.